Meet the Classy Affairs Team

Hey friend! I'm Tanya!

I love Ice cream [rum & raisin from baskin robbins] & a good old fashion board game!

To make things fun around here, let's share our favorites! When you're through reading mine, contact me and share some of yours!
I love baking - being Italian I was always surrounded by cookies during the holidays so every Christmas I love trying new recipes and giving them as gifts
I need to travel at least once a year - I love exploring new places and learning about new cultures. Most recently I went to Dubai & Maldives for our dream honeymoon (bucket list locations are: Fiji, Tahiti, South Africa, Australia)
I started planning events in university (my first one was for 1000 kids!)
My passion for weddings came from seeing family and friends stressing over the details - I just wanted to help and take the stress away!
Classy Affairs officially started in August 2014
The name and logo were inspired by a really elegant chandelier (classic, timeless and beautiful - our hopes for every wedding)  
I absolutely love connecting with new people, getting to know them more than just clients and make them feel they can confide in me for support and help
I look forward to one day having a storefront with other amazing vendors and a space where clients can get creative!

let's create your dream wedding!
You dream it. I'll plan it.

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Hey you! It's me, Kira!

I love music and attending concerts; hearing my favourite artists/DJs live is something I've loved to do since I was about 15 years old.
Mystery and horror are my go to genres for tv shows, movies, and books. I LOVE a good book!
Being of Caribbean background (Trinidadian), I grew up cooking with my mom and its stuck with me ever since. I love trying out new recipes and adding my own touch/flavours as well!
I absolutely love dogs! I hope to adopt a few in the future after I've done all my travelling, which is something I try to do at least 1-2 times a year.
I'm a people person, I find that I am able to connect or find some common ground with anyone who crosses my path. I like learning about others and getting to know them!

I’ve worked many years in retail; skincare, makeup and fashion. I found a passion for all of them along the way and love sharing what I’ve learnt from my past jobs! I currently work in advertising which can be hectic at times! I went to UofT in Scarborough, majoring in Media Studies and minoring in Music & Culture, and Art History. I loved working in weddings so much that in December of 2019 I became certified through WPIC and received my Wedding Planners certificate!  

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Cuddling up with my dog Jingles in bed, a cup of tea and a great thriller novel to read all day is ideal!

Hey there! Oksana here! 

I've been baking with my mom since I was little. She made all of my birthday cakes growing up, and now we bake together for friends and family. It's fun to get creative with her, plus we can eat any mistakes we make!

My mom and grandma taught me knitting when I was little, and I picked up crocheting just a few years back. I love making gifts for friends and family with yarn; blankets, clothes, toys, and hats are just a few of the things I can make.

I'm a Disnerd, which basically means I love all things Disney! The World of Disney has always been a great source for magic, love, and hope in my life, and it's something I plan to share with my family one day.

My 5 year old Puggle, Mystique, is the light I didn't know I needed in my life. She is full of energy, loves to explore and sniff EVERYTHING, and loves to smother me in all the kisses! She certainly makes life interesting, and I wouldn't change a thing about her for the world!

After graduating high school in 2010, I dabbled in a few different career paths but decided on Event Planning to combine my friendly, outgoing, creative side with a practical and stable business degree. I graduated from George Brown College's Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Hospitality Operations Management in 2016. After George Brown, I explored different areas of the Wedding and Events industry including florals, decor, and rentals, but planning is my favourite! April of 2019 I became certified through WPIC and received my Wedding Planners certificate!

The cheesiest pizza and a Blue Jays game = the perfect night in!

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