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As you’re anxiously planning your upcoming wedding in 2020, I can’t help but think about the trends for the 2021 wedding season that will emerge. Due to a large number of weddings being postponed from 2020 to 2021, there are some distinct trends emerging which I will discuss below. Some of these 2021 wedding trends I think will be consistent for the next decade.

Elopements & Micro-weddings

This trend largely will emerge more than ever because of current event capacity restrictions. Couples have realized because of the COVID-19 situation, that they want small, intimate weddings with their family and friends. Elopements typically have fewer than 10 guests whereas micro-weddings have less than 40 guests in attendance. There is a similar amount of planning that goes into these smaller events but it tends to be a more casual and relaxed atmosphere. As well, because you have less guests to coordinate, you can have these elopements or micro-weddings in more unique spaces on unconventional days of the week. There is a larger budget per person (but much more affordable) which can allow for some really unique details to be created. Couples are desiring more meaningful celebrations with their nearest and dearest.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Weddings

Couples are becoming more conscious of their ecological footprint and the desire to have sustainable elements a part of their day. The numbers are quite shocking when you see the amount of CO2 emissions created just from one celebration.
Couples are including a tree planting as part of their ceremony (symbolic and good for the environment) as well as giving favours to guests such as mini trees or flowers to help reduce their carbon footprint. Working with a caterer that sources locally grown meat and vegetables or a vegan menu is an excellent way to be environmentally friendly. Serving local beers, wines, and spirits is also great! Choosing a venue with a beautiful backdrop that doesn’t require lavish decoration that will end up in landfills is another great way. Couples are working with their florists to use plants that can be repotted after the ceremony as well as donating leftover flowers to charities that will help brighten someone else’s day. It’s all the small things that will have a great impact on our futures!

Jewel Toned Colour Palettes

While the all-white and blush palettes are classic, deeper and lusher palettes that include jewel tones will be emerging. There are many varieties of jewel-tone colours; yellow, burgundy, green, and blue are more unconventional but depending on the tone and how they are used. They make for gorgeous colour combinations no matter the season. For example, yellow has so many wonderful tones in nature that there are shades to suit every season. Not only does it look good as flowers, but the intensity of mustard works so well with rich fabrics like velvet and satin that you can incorporate into everything from invitations to table runners or even bridesmaid dresses. A desire for a richer colour palette also lends to the fact that couples are being attracted to more of a darker and moodier style of photography that exudes more intensity and depth.

Dramatic Lighting

The ambiance and aura of your venue are essential for creating an unforgettable wedding experience for your guests. At one-time fairy lights may have been seen as DIY or overdone, it is now a crucial part of your wedding style and design. Couples are looking to create the mood by finding unique ways of incorporating as much light into their reception as they can. They are creating a pathway of lights on tall trees as you enter the reception area, stringing different types of globe lights from the ceiling. They’re also including them in centerpieces such as lampshades and large hanging illuminated statement pieces. Neon lights and signage are also a large trend for events as they bring a fun element. As you think of the sun setting, you want to give set the mood for the evening, and lighting can make a huge impact.

High-End Fashion

Brides are going for dresses that offer much more to the eye than a simple understated gown. It is all about being bigger, bolder, more-is-more wedding fashion approach. When they say bigger, they mean it! From statement ball gowns and exaggerated sleeves to bright colors and layers of textures, and edgy jumpsuits. The Modern Bride dress store in Guelph feels that multi-layered details are going to be key —tiered skirts, pleats, metallic hues, and square necklines with embellishments like bows, feathers, sequins, rhinestones, and pearls to top them off. They’re going to be found on dresses, veils, capes, and customized jackets. As well as gowns with pockets that can hold their cell phone, lipstick, and tissue – who wouldn’t want to skip carrying a purse for their wedding day? It’s practical and very stylish how designers are incorporating them with ease.
Brides are going to be willing to splurge more on their dresses o achieve these high-end fashion elements that make them not only the center of attention but surely to stand out.
It will be fun to see what trends start to emerge for 2022 as our world is ever-changing. The creatives in this industry never stop to think of the next big thing! What are your thoughts on these 2021 wedding trends?
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