What you should do after your wedding is over

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You laughed, you cried, you ate, you danced, YOU GOT MARRIED! Congratulations! And now you’re wondering what you should do after your wedding is over.
You may be thinking, well now that it’s come and gone I don’t have to think about any wedding-related tasks again. But just wait, there are a couple of thing you don’t want to forget!

01.  Preserve your gown

No matter the season, your dress was worn for 12 hours. It could have stains from walking in grass, food from eating, the many drinks consumed but it is dirty! As well, you spent quite a bit of money on your dress, so why just hang it up in your closet where it is going to get yellow and dusty? I recommend bringing it to your local dry cleaner and see if they have a gown preservation service. They will clean it without ruining it then box it up nicely so it stays white and can be given to future generations.

This service typically costs about $300-700, which largely depends on the material and details of your gown. If you don’t want to keep it that’s ok, you still need to dry clean it and can donate to a local bridal swap where someone less fortunate can share your beautiful gown.

02.  Apply for your marriage certificate

Typically, your officiant or priest would have submitted your wedding license shortly after you officially got married. The general guideline is to wait 12 weeks before applying for your marriage certificate. This can be easily done online on the Ontario government website. Once you apply, you will receive an official document in the mail. The paper you got on the day of your wedding was just temporary so this is your official document to show for legal purposes. Do not forget to do this!

03.  Print your photos

Most couples receive some teaser photos 1 week after their wedding. While you wait 3-4 months to receive all your photos, think about how you are going to utilize them. Will you print them in an album, print some on canvas to put around the house, or send them to close relatives? Either way, you should make a plan to print them out! Another area you spent a lot of money so why have them on your computer hidden from the world, show them off and remember your beautiful celebration all the time!

04.  Send thank you cards

You had so many loving family and friends attend, now is time to send a special thank you to them! Yes, you did thank them at the wedding in a speech or a favour but it is so thoughtful to receive a card with wedding photos. Guests can reflect not only on your words but your beautiful day. TIP: send one to your vendors too! They worked so hard to make your day what it was that is goes a long way to say a special thank you and make them feel appreciated!

Once you have done these tasks it is safe to say you can just enjoy the memories of your special day and most importantly enjoy being married to your best friend with no more planning!


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