4 Things Not to Forget the Week Before Your Wedding

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You have been planning for weeks, months, even a year or two, it is coming down to the final week before your wedding and you don’t want to forget anything! I want to share with you 4 things not to forget the week before your wedding.

01.  Marriage license in hand

It is very important to ensure you have applied for your marriage license at least 3 months prior to your wedding day. You don’t want to leave it last minute with the chance it doesn’t get fulfilled and you are stuck. This document is so important to actually have your wedding day! So, apply for it well in advance. The week before your wedding give it to your officiant or priest so they can hold on it for when it is needed during the ceremony. Do not give it to your best man, maid of honour or parents, they have enough to think about! Pass it off to the designated person a week before and it is off your mind!

02.  Try on your dress and suit

This is a given by the week before your wedding you should be picking up your wedding dress or groom’s suit. Do not forgot to try it on before you leave the shop!!! You want to ensure it is the perfect fit but that you have all alternations done to your satisfaction. Once you take the dress or suit home, it will be very hard to make adjustments. TIP: don’t do your alternations too far in advance because there is some weight fluctuations and you don’t want to be in a situation you need to get something new. Try to keep them within the last two months before your wedding.

03.  Write your vows

Now I know a lot of people say they think best while under stress when it comes to writing things down. I think it is much wiser to try to write an outline of your vows the week before so that you have time to think about them each night before you go to bed. Any new ideas can easily be added in but you can really have them memorized so you don’t need to bring up any papers which will be in your ceremony photos. The more time you let this settle in, the more you will be able to connect emotionally and say all you want from your heart!

04.  Practice your beauty routine

Brides, this is the time to be practicing your beauty routines! Facials, face masks, nails, hair treatments, etc should all be done the week before the wedding. Make these appointments a month BEFORE so you know you have allotted some time to relax. You want to make sure you aren’t doing them too close to your wedding day because there always could be things that come up and you have no wiggle room. You definitely want to make sure you take time for yourself and your beauty routine so you can feel the best version of you on our special day!

There is so much to consider when planning a wedding, but by preparing your best you can eliminate so much unnecessary stress. Reach out and let me know if these 4 things not to forget the week before your wedding was helpful to you!

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4 things not to forget the week before your wedding

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