3 Ways to Virtually Plan Your Wedding

Wedding Planning

We are living in unprecedented times that, quite frankly, I am going to admit most vendors have never gone through! Our businesses are experiencing changes that we have never had to think about. Couples are going through situations that they never imagined they would have to discuss. As social distancing is strongly recommended by the government, this doesn’t mean planning your wedding has to stop. I want to provide you with 3 ways to virtually plan your wedding and stay on track so when our world goes back to a normal state, you haven’t fallen behind and when your day comes you feel more than prepared – you feel extremely excited!

01.  Utilize Pinterest & Instagram

If you are at the beginning of your wedding planning journey, you may have not started a ‘wedding’ board on Pinterest or started saving images from wedding vendors you follow on Instagram. This would be my first recommendation and the reason for that is when you are discussing your day with potential vendors, you have a reference for what you like and want. These visuals are extremely important more than ever because you don’t have the opportunity to see flowers or décor in person so you’d be heavily relying on vendors’ expertise. Through the communication of the images you can let them know how you want your special day to look. If you haven’t already done so, set up an account!

02.  Timelines & Spreadsheets

You may have fewer responsibilities at work and more time to be able to do some research on the internet. This would be a great time to put together a wedding timeline or task list. Given that you know you will be off for several weeks you can set goals as to who you want to contact and when you need to make decisions by. This is not only good for you to keep busy but also budgeting purposes.

Once you set out these timelines and start working through them, you should also create spreadsheets to compare the vendors you speak with. You can use those spreadsheets to document any notes from your conversations as well as to compare their pricing. These will help you stay on course when planning your day but also make the best decisions based on your budget and needs.

03.  Video meetings

Video meetings are just as effective and fun as in-person meetings! This is a great way to virtually set up a meeting with a vendor, talk to them and decide if you want them on your team for your special day. The great thing is you are still doing your part in social distancing but you feel a connection with the vendor by seeing and speaking to them. Video meetings are FREE (!!) (not something you get a lot with weddings) and they can allow vendors to screen share so you get into depth about ideas and go over those images you saved to communicate your desired look.  The most popular applications for these meetings are Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, or Houseparty. You can also use Whatsapp (for up to 4 people) or Facetime.

More than ever, we have time! The quick-paced days are now slower so you can set aside some time to continue planning your day and focusing on the positive. You can set aside tasks that you want to have done in person (i.e. wedding dress shopping, bridesmaid dress shopping) for a time when you can go (hint: some Toronto shops are allowing you to virtually shop and then curbside pick up the dresses to try them on!) Your guests will be looking forward to your wedding and celebrating your special day more than you could know, it helps them get through the dark times so don’t stop planning! If you have ANY questions on these 3 ways to virtually plan your wedding, or anything else, please contact us! We’d love to hear from you. Always remember, love is NOT canceled! Happy planning (virtually)!


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