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Brides and grooms! I have put together the top 5 important questions for your potential florist asked by clients in hopes it will help you when you are searching for your flower vendor during your wedding journey. These questions were answered with the help of two of my friendors, Hilary Rigo of Wildwood Floral & Event Design and Jenny Hong of Floret Wedding Flowers & Décor.


01. What flowers are most commonly used for weddings?


Answer: Roses! Hilary finds roses are usually a staple in most bouquets. They come in so many amazing colours and varieties, they’re sturdy (hold up in every season or climate), and add a beautiful light fragrance to your bouquet. Her favourite flower is Quicksand Rose. They are a dusty rose colour and playoff whatever they’re paired with – a true chameleon. Jenny notes that depending on season and budget, peonies, ranunculus and anemones are also popular choices which are more of a premium flower.


02. Is greenery a more cost-effective option than all flowers?


Answer: Hilary noted that they are not always less expensive. She said often you will see a lot of lush greenery garlands or hanging pieces which can end up costing you more than a simpler floral arrangement. But if you’re comparing them to the exact same floral counterpart, then yes! Jenny agrees it depends. As with flowers, there are cost-effective greens and premium ones. Depending on the design, scale and fullness, the costs while compared with an all flower look may be less, it’s not necessarily inexpensive overall.


03. Are flowers sourced locally less expensive than internationally sourced?


Answer: Not always – this is another myth for sure! A lot of the floral industry, like any other, is supply and demand. If we are in, let’s say June, all of our local growers will be getting peonies in – we will have an abundance of them so they become very affordable. Jenny also notes that local flowers tend to be more costly because it’s expensive to grow flowers in our climate.

The growing season is short and to grow and maintain in greenhouses is also costly. Hilary gives a good example to show why they are not less expensive. If she went to the market today and there was a local grower who had a special greenhouse set up growing peonies, that would cost a lot more than an international grower whose current climate is perfect for them. Often our international growers, from Italy, Amsterdam, Columbia, or South Africa have more stable climates all year around, which helps keep prices lower and more stable.


04. What is the average amount spent on wedding flowers?


Answer: Both agree it really depends on your budget. Hilary’s average spend for her clients is between $4k-8k. This vastly depends on your size of wedding and what look you’re hoping to achieve. Jenny similarly told me that she doesn’t believe there is an average. What a couple can expect to invest will depend on their own preferences and expectations along with the size of their wedding.


05. Why do flowers cost so much?


Answer: Jenny discusses the long chain of actions to getting flowers to a wedding. Planting, growing, harvesting, packaging, shipping (air and truck), processing/hydrating handling, arranging, packaging, delivery and set up. There are many hands along the way and every step along the way is essential to ensuring the final design that is on the table is perfect. Clearly there is A LOT of work that go into flowers from the growth to design process.

These are some of the important questions for your potential florist, but you may have even more! The more questions are always better so you can feel informed and empowered to make the best decision for you. You are going to be looking for a florist that matches your personality and style you want for your wedding. Happy flower picking!


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