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The first and biggest task on your wedding checklist is finding the perfect venue to hold your reception (and possibly ceremony too!). This task usually feels quite daunting to most couples because the options are endless. There are so many factors to consider when venue hunting that I wanted to provide you with some tips to help make the process a bit easier. These tips are things you can keep in mind when searching in order to make the right decision for you. There are three simple tips to help you with what to know when looking for a wedding venue.

 Tip 01. Location, location, location

This is the biggest factor when venue searching. I always tell clients to keep in mind that location is very important to not only them but to their guests. Do you want a city wedding? Do you want a more traditional wedding in the suburbs? Maybe you are thinking of a more rustic wedding further north? Note: city wedding venues generally cost much more per person than a banquet hall in the suburbs. Some factors to keep in mind with downtown venues compared to wedding halls:
1.       Smaller spaces = smaller guest count.
2.       Likely unable to host ceremony and reception in the same location.
3.       Guests will need to pay for parking.
4.       Less items included in the packages = more rentals required.
5.       Landmark fees.

Tip 02. Catering vs. pre-set menus

When couples are asked what is most important to them and their guests on their special day, food is always in the top 3 answers. Food is so important for a lot of cultures. You want to impress your guests, not feel like you have to compromise and give them food they aren’t going to rave about afterward. A venue that has pre-set menus is great for someone who doesn’t want to think about food too much and usually comes with a lower cost. A venue that only has outside catering is definitely going to create a menu that your guests will drool over but it does come with bigger costs. Caterers usually have to bring a lot more items since the kitchen doesn’t necessarily have all they require heavily dependent on your meal selection.

Tip 03. Rentals included in packages

It is always great when you can evaluate what is included in the package with the venue that will take some burden off of your plate. Generally, having tables, linens, napkins, and chairs included will save you a lot of time and money but can also mean less room for customization for your theme. If you are ok with this then you are going to save money here. If you want a venue that is bare-bones you are going to have to rent everything which will cost a lot more but will allow you to create the wedding you desire without restrictions.
I hope these tips help you when you are venue searching. Never sign a contract until you have read it or multiple people read it so you can be sure you know all the details in the event that something goes wrong. And don’t forget, if you don’t want to deal with the pain of evaluating multiple venues, contact us! We’d be happy to discuss our packages and how they can make it a stress-free experience from day one! Still unsure what to know when looking for a wedding venue? Contact us here!

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