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Our picks for the most popular 2019 wedding trends range from less traditional colour palettes to fun décor elements and we can expect to be seeing them at our weddings. Each and every wedding is different and it is wonderful to see how each couple interprets these trends to make their event unique.

Number 1: Dark & Edgy Colour Palettes: Couples are becoming more adventurous with colour palettes. We are seeing a beautiful mix of traditional colours such as white, ivory and blush with pops of darker tones such as grey and black. This spring of colour can be brought into a palette with a water goblet, antique plateware, a textured napkin or day of stationary. As a planner it is very exciting to help clients achieve this less traditional design and hope it continues to grow.

Number 2: Floral Elements: Pampas & Wheat Traditional flowers will never disappear but incorporating orga

nic and bohemian elements such as pampas grass and wheat are a growing trend for ceremony backdrop. These floral elements add texture, height and dimension making you feel as though you are in the dessert, forest or garden. Although they are naturally a light beige colour, they can be dyed to anyone’s desire. These types of floral elements are not as fussy as traditional flowers which can be seasonal or weather dependent. As well, floral displays are no longer just behind the bride and groom. Flowers are being incorporated in almost any wedding element such as lining the aisle, crawling up a wall, attached to furniture pieces or hanging above guests – the options are endless!

Number 3: Balloon Installations: Flower walls are still popular but a growing trend for any event is balloon installations. These can be incorporated with flowers, greenery, a variety of furniture pieces and so much more. The growing trend you will see them added as a backdrop for the head table, cake display, receiving table entrance or even hanging over guest tables. Balloons are versatile as they come in different shapes, sizes, colours and text can be written on them. Balloons were once seen as a child party item but now can really transform a space and add another design element.

Number 4: Statement Cakes: Couples are working with cake artists to create masterpieces. Not only is the taste of the cake important but the overall design is becoming the focal point. The splurge on more extravagant cakes is a growing trend. The cake is typically close by the head table and brings together the wedding’s design theme. Guests’ eyes can’t help but by drawn to a beautiful and delicious piece of art.  

Number 5: Vellum Elements: As vellum is being incorporated more frequently at weddings we can see its use in invitations more specifically to hold invitations or as a wax seal, as escort cards on a seating arrangement display or in day of stationary whether it be a menu, table number or seating chart. Vellum allows other elements such as colour and writing to stand out.

Number 6: Minimalism: Minimalism is the use of less items and focusing on a distinct element that will stand out. Minimalism can be found in colour (i.e. an all-white palette with a pop of colour), less cluttering place settings (i.e. one beautiful and simple charger plate with less flatware and plateware), or floral design (i.e. focusing on the type of flowers and how they are arranged rather than large and extravagant).

Number 7: Stacked Wedding Bands: Matching your engagement ring to your wedding band is becoming less popular trend. Stacked wedding bands allowing for different shapes, sizes and colours add so much more visual intrigue and variety. Stacked ring designs are meant to interlock with one another. This is much more modern than the traditional engagement ring and band.

Number 8: Taper Candles: Romantic candle light provides the perfect ambiance for any wedding. A shift towards taper candles in beautiful antique gold, crystal or coloured holders is becoming much more popular. It is not about the amount of candles but the quality of candles. This elegant and supplicated décor elements truly adds so much to your guest or head tables. Taper candles elevate your décor while still being minimalist. The best part is they can also provide a pop of colour. Wax can be made into any shade bringing yet another design element to your tablescape.

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