5 signs it’s time to hire a wedding planner

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Wedding planning is a lot of work, and that’s why I’m sharing 5 signs it’s time to hire a wedding planner! At first it may seem like a lot of fun but after hours, days and months of going through many vendors for each category, it can get very overwhelming and stressful. There are some sure sign that you should hire a planner who will save you not only money but time and stress ensuring your day is beautiful!



01. You are having nightmares!

Wedding planning is now affecting your rest! You are having bad dreams about things not getting done, or things going wrong now; this is a sign to hire a planner who will take all those nightmares away! With a planner being so organized you won’t have to worry that something will fall through the cracks.

02. You want to have a lot of DIY elements.

Planning on making a lot of elements yourself to save money? Have you thought about who is setting it up and will it be the way you envisioned? Don’t burden that task to a family member or friends to do this on your wedding day, hire a planner! Along with setting up those items you will be at ease the entire day knowing someone else is handling your wedding ensuring all goes smoothly.

03. You live out of town

You aren’t in the same city or province and planning from afar. How do you attend meetings? Not to worry, wedding planners do this for you! Along with keeping you in track, they will find local vendors to make your wedding day successful and work with those vendors to bring your vision to life even if you don’t attend a meeting.

04. You are unorganized or a non-planner.

You have no idea where to start with planning and just the thought of scrolling through hundreds of vendor reviews makes you want to elope? Not into all of the details? This is definitively a sign you need to a hire a planner who is passionate about making your day special. They know what needs to be done and when and LOVE IT! Not all of us are organized or want to plan, so save the stress and hire a planner!

05. Your venue doesn’t have a coordinator on-site.

Some venues have a on-site coordinator who will help organize deliveries but some don’t. Did you know venue coordinators most of the time don’t actually set any items up? Hiring a planner who is hands on and will set up the items you drop off the day before along with coordinating the day of logistics will make your day much more stress-free.

If you can relate to any of these 5 signs it’s time to hire a wedding planner, then let’s connect! Don’t delay on this, save money, time and your sanity by trusting in a professional!

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