A Rustic Fermanagh Farms Wedding | Martha & Brandon


On a cool, autumn day in Tottenham, Martha and Brandon tied the knot. It was a gorgeous, rustic wedding at Fermanagh Farms. And my team and I at Classy Affairs Weddings and Events had the utmost pleasure in helping them plan their special day! 

As Martha and Brandon’s complete wedding planner, I was with them through every step of their journey to their wedding day. We sat down and discussed their budget and their dream wedding vision. 

Then, it was up to my team and me to bring it to life!


A bride and groom share a kiss during an autumn wedding theme ceremony


Deciding On the Off-Season Wedding Theme and Inspiration

Once Martha and Brandon decided to invest in our Toronto wedding planning services, we sat down to discuss their dream vision. 

These two loved fall so much, so they knew they wanted an autumn wedding theme surrounded by their friends and family. 

Just about everything for their wedding day revolved around the fall season. We chose a beautiful autumnal colour palette like burgundy, navy, and cream. 


A sunny blue sky shines through an outdoor wedding tent during a Fermanagh Farms wedding in Toronto


Choosing Fermanagh Farms as the Wedding Venue

With the autumn wedding theme set, it was time to choose the perfect wedding venue. From the moment we all drove up the property at Fermanagh Farms, we could see how easily it fit with the fall inspiration. 

Lining the property were magnificent trees with vibrant orange and yellow leaves. They made for the perfect picturesque backdrop for Martha and Brandon’s ceremony! And in case of inclement weather, Fermanagh Farms had a new, rustic barn that was excellent for a backup location, in addition to the tent that was being erected on their property. 

All throughout the property were nooks and crannies that gave so much character. We could see the possibility for photo after gorgeous photo everywhere we turned at Fermanagh Farms.  


A large orange tree serves as a ceremony site backdrop at a Fermanagh Farms wedding


Orchestrating an Autumn Theme at a Fermanagh Farms Wedding

Every single wedding comes with its own challenges. And while this wedding resulted in such a gorgeous day, it wasn’t an exception. 

But Martha and Brandon handled everything that came our way with such grace. And after countless weddings planned at Classy Affairs Weddings and Events, we knew we would produce a dream day no matter what! 

The biggest challenge my team and I faced was the venue. Originally, we planned for a tented wedding on Martha’s parent’s property. However, we were faced with pandemic wedding restrictions that seemed to be constantly changing. 

Believe it or not, 10 days before the wedding, we were hit with new restrictions. And we had to find a brand new venue that allowed us to bring everything we already planned onto the property. At that point, we had the tent, catering, and even the washrooms planned! 

Thankfully, within 3 days after the brand new restrictions, I found the perfect venue that fit with their autumn wedding theme – Fermanagh Farms. 

It took a lot of calling and researching in those few days. But that’s exactly why Martha and Brandon invested in me and my team! It’s my job to take care of the hiccups so they can relax and enjoy the final moments of their engagement. 


Guests stand during the ceremony at a Fermanagh Farms wedding


The Best Part of Martha and Brandon’s Fermanagh Farms Wedding

Before the ceremony, Martha and Brandon decided to include a first look in their timeline. This helped them get most of the nerves out of their system before they walked down the aisle. 

But, the ceremony itself was the most beautiful part of their day! Even though they had already done the first look, there were still a few jitters for the two of them. Once the music started and Martha took her first steps towards Brandon, those nerves melted away. 

The moment they saw each other on opposite ends of the aisle was the moment we saw the full culmination of all our hard work in the planning stage. 


Autumn wedding theme reception signage stands outside the reception tent at Fermanagh Farms


Martha and Brandon’s Fermanagh Farms wedding was a stunning fall wedding day. After months of planning for their wedding, they finally had it at a gorgeous, elegant venue that matched their vision. Even though there were challenges along the way, they trusted me from day one to orchestrate their day. 

And in the end, it was pulled together flawlessly! 

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