A Wedding Planner in Toronto Shares: What Does the Wedding Planner Do 

Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is no small feat – even if you’re having a small fete! And if you’ve never done it before, figuring out everything that comes with wedding planning can mean taking on a second job. 

So, to keep you from missing out on one of the greatest seasons of your life, investing in a wedding planner may be a wonderful option! 

But, you may be wondering… what does a planner actually do to help you get ready for your big day? As a wedding planner in Toronto, I’m here to share all of the details! 


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What Does the Wedding Planner Do

Your wedding planner is an experienced professional. They know the ins and outs of the wedding industry. So, they’ll step in and guide you through the entire process, so you’re not left feeling overwhelmed trying to make all of the decisions! 

Your planner will guide you through the logistics and mapping of your day. They will help you determine an appropriate budget, and then they’ll help you manage it throughout the decision making process. 

They’ll more than likely provide you with a preferred or trusted vendor list to help you find the best team to bring your ideas to life! Not to mention, they’ll negotiate contracts for you and handle communications between vendors, too. 

Of course, every wedding planner offers different services within their investments. So be sure to discuss your needs with potential planners before booking with them. 

Classy Affairs Weddings and Events is a wedding planner in Toronto. And we’ve tailored our services based on the area, what the available venues offer, and what most couples need and want. 

Here’s just a snippet of what we in our full wedding planning and design investment: 

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Wedding Planner Duties Leading Up to Your Day: 

Wedding Planning Meetings

Throughout the wedding process, we’ll get together for planning meetings. We’ll go over what you’re envisioning and your ideal wedding aesthetic at the start of the process. And we’ll, of course, establish a budget for the entire day. Your planning team will manage your budget along the way. We’ll have these meetings throughout the planning timeline to make sure everyone is on the same page. 

Helping You Find the Perfect Venue and Vendors

With your budget and ideal wedding aesthetic determined, we’ll start the process of selecting the perfect venue and vendors. You’ll receive a list of my trusted vendors, and I’ll help you make the best decision to fit your personality and your wedding day style. 

Managing the Logistics

Once the venue and vendors are selected, your team will begin managing the logistics. I will handle everything from negotiating contracts to creating a payment schedule. And throughout the process, I will stay in communication with them so everyone is aware of how your day is unfolding. 

Creating the Wedding Day Itinerary

As we get closer to your big day, your wedding planning team will create the wedding day itinerary for you. It will be shared with your venue and your vendor team, so everyone knows the flow of your day. 


Wedding Planner Duties on the Day Of

The planning leading up to your wedding is only part of the process! The other part is taking care of everything on the day of. 

You deserve to bask in the moment and enjoy every second of your special day. So, as your wedding planner in Toronto, here’s what we do for you: 

On-Site Management On the Day Of

You won’t have to run back and forth between vendors if there are any mishaps during your day. More than likely, you won’t know of any. Because we’ll handle them for you! We’ll be the point of contact for your guests, your bridal party, your venue, and your vendor team. We’ll direct everyone on where they need to be at what time to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

Styling Your Wedding Decor

You have a vision in mind of what your wedding looks like. And after months of planning meetings, that vision has become clearer and clearer. On the day of, we’ll bring it to life. All of the ideas and inspiration you’ve shared will be put into place as we completely transform your venue to make sure you have the wedding of your dreams! 

Is Hiring a Wedding Planner in Toronto Worth It?

Investing in a wedding planner is just one more decision to make as you get ready for your big day. So, how can you be sure hiring a wedding planner is worth it? 

Here’s my advice when it comes to investing: 



You Should Invest in a Wedding Planner If…

  1. You have the budget for it. If you’ve already done some preliminary budgeting and there’s space for a planner, then you should definitely invest in one. They will make the process so much more uncomplicated. With many weddings already under their belts, a wedding planner in Toronto will know how to guide you through the process.
  2. You have a demanding job already. If a full-time job is already on your plate, adding a second one will surely take away from what’s supposed to be a beautiful season in your life!
  3. You have incredible ideas already, but you’re not sure how to execute them. If that’s the case, a wedding planner and designer will help you! They’ll understand the logistics behind putting ideas together for a wedding day. And a wedding designer can approach your ideas and your venue with an artistic eye to create a masterpiece.
  4. You’re hosting your day in a unique wedding venue. If you’re considering a space that’s not inherently designed for a wedding, you’ll want to invest in a planner. They’ll know how to transform an event space into the vision you have in your head!
  5. You want the least amount of stress possible. Getting ready for a wedding is stressful. But having an experienced planner is going to make the process so much easier for you. 


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Classy Affairs Weddings and Events is a boutique wedding planner in Toronto, and we are so excited to work with you for your special day! 

We’ll take as much of the stress as we can out of planning the event of your dreams. And after creating countless beautiful weddings, we’ll confidently guide you through the entire process – from our first consultation meeting, up until the moment you have your grand, sparkler exit! 

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