The 5 Best Unique Wedding Venues in Toronto for Your Big Day

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Your wedding day tells your love story. And what’s an amazing love story without the perfect setting? 

When you’re choosing your wedding venue, you don’t have to stick with the same locations that have been used time after time. 

If you’re in Toronto or GTA, you have plenty of options to choose from! You can find a wedding venue that truly represents your personality. And, you can find one that seamlessly fits into the aesthetic of your wedding. 

I’ve gathered the 5 best unique wedding venues in Toronto for your big day. While each venue won’t match every aesthetic, I’ve noted the wedding style they will be perfect for. 

A modern, classic table design is perfect for a Toronto wedding

A Graydon Hall Manor Wedding: 

A Unique Wedding Venue in Toronto If Your Wedding Aesthetic is: Romantic, Ethereal, Elegant

The History of Graydon Hall Manor

Sitting inside a walled courtyard is a mansion that instantly transports you to another era! Graydon Hall Manor is a 29-room Georgian manor that was built in the 1930s. It was originally owned by Henry Rupert Bain. And the 150-acre estate is home to horse stables, a private 9-hole golf course, and many fountains, canals, and gardens.

Benefits of Having a Graydon Hall Manor Wedding

Everywhere you look, you’ll find a picturesque backdrop for your wedding day! From elegant stone buildings to romantic gardens, your wedding day will be a fairytale. 

The entire facility can host 250 guests for a seated reception. So if a large wedding is in your future, don’t worry. Graydon Hall Manor can accommodate everyone. 

You’ll have your choice of an indoor or outdoor ceremony. With an outdoor ceremony, you can use the canopy-covered terrace as your vow-filled location. Or, choose the Great Hall as your ceremony site. Then, have a sit-down reception dinner in one of the grand dining rooms. With a Graydon Hall Manor wedding, you have endless possibilities to customize it to your preferences! 

Couples can have their wedding ceremony and reception in one location. Plus, you’re able to rent the entire manor for your special day. That includes the Bridal Suite and the Groom’s Room! So you can keep everything for your wedding in one setting – no need to travel from one location to another! 

The Fermenting Cellar Toronto Wedding:

A Unique Wedding Venue in Toronto If Your Wedding Aesthetic is: Modern, Industrial-Chic, Non-traditional


The History of The Fermenting Cellar

The Fermenting Cellar in Toronto is in the heart of the Distillery District. It’s the largest and most impressive space in the collection of Distillery Events’ venues. The Fermenting Cellar gives couples a unique, industrial-chic space to transform to fit their story. It still holds onto its exposed timber beams and limestone walls from when it was built in 1859. 

Benefits of Having Your Wedding at The Fermenting Cellar in Toronto

With 7,500 square feet, this is one of the top unique wedding venues in Toronto. It can easily host the most extravagant weddings and receptions. If you’re wanting to invite just about everyone you know, the space can accommodate up to 350 guests for a sit-down dinner. But, it’s just as incredible for an intimate, romantic atmosphere, too! 

One of the best benefits of The Fermenting Cellar is its one-of-a-kind aesthetic. With its exposed brick and wooden beams throughout, it already gives a modern, industrial-chic feel. But, you can transform it into a space that represents more of your love story. With the right decor and design, The Fermenting Cellar can provide a close, warm touch.

An Art Gallery of Ontario Wedding:

A Unique Wedding Venue in Toronto If Your Wedding Aesthetic is: Elegant, Modern, Dramatic




The History of Art Gallery of Ontario

Toronto-born architect Frank Gehry designed The Art Gallery of Ontario.  The space is a beautiful blend of some of the most incredible art and architecture!


Benefits of Having Your Wedding at Art Gallery of Ontario

The Art Gallery of Ontario features amazing, distinct characteristics! Think of dramatic staircases and sweeping windows for natural lighting. And with multiple event spaces to choose from, you can find the perfect location within AGO for the number of guests you’re hosting. 

Having your wedding at a unique venue like the AGO means you have your choice of where to have your ceremony and reception. You can choose from private event spaces like Walker Court, Baillie Court, or Galleria Italia. 

For a brunch wedding, the large windows will bring your wedding sites to life with natural light. And if you’re hoping for an evening affair, the panoramic views of the city skyline will add such a modern, dramatic touch to your event! 


A McMichael Art Gallery Wedding:

A Unique Wedding Venue in Toronto If Your Wedding Aesthetic is: Romantic, Whimsical, Rustic




The History of McMichael Art Gallery

In the 1950s, Robert and Signe McMichael bought the land that now hosts the McMichael Canadian Art Collection. They had their house built on the land, and they began collecting amazing Canadian art. By 1965, they decided everyone should see what they created and collected over the years. So they gifted their land, their home, and all of the art to the Province of Ontario!  


Benefits of a McMichael Art Gallery Wedding

The McMichael Art Gallery not only has an indoor event space that holds some of the most beautiful Canadian art. It’s also surrounded by lush, whimsical trails. And you can weave those trails into the design of your wedding day! 

A McMichael Art Gallery wedding means you have the entire property to yourself. Only you and your guests will be there.

It’s a perfect venue for your wedding whether you’re wanting a large or an intimate event. With all of the property, your day will have a romantic backdrop for your entire day. 

Another fabulous benefit of having a McMichael Art Gallery wedding? You can choose between an indoor, covered outdoor, or uncovered outdoor wedding. For  example, have your ceremony outdoors with your reception inside the Grand Hall! 

A One King West Hotel Wedding:

A Unique Wedding Venue in Toronto If Your Wedding Aesthetic is: Chic, Classic, Glamorous


The History of One King West Hotel

One King West Hotel was formerly the Dominion Bank building. Then, it was converted into the luxurious, iconic hotel it is now. Built in 1914, the interior was renovated to its modern aesthetic. But the architectural and historical feel was kept for the exterior. 


Benefits of Having Your Wedding at One King West Hotel in Toronto

The One King West Hotel is an incredible hotel wedding venue that provides a sophisticated, luxurious aesthetic. 

A One King West Hotel wedding means you’ll have your day at one of the most iconic spaces in Toronto. Not to mention, you can select the most appropriate venues within the hotel that fits your guest count and your wedding aesthetic. 

 You’ll have plenty of options to choose from for your wedding sites. The Grand Banking Hall holds 45-foot ceilings, tiered-crystal chandeliers, and two-story columns. It seats up to 300 guests with a dance floor or 500 guests for a cocktail-style reception. 

For a smaller, more intimate affair, you can opt for the Fifteen Hundred. A stylish, modern event space, it’s truly one of the most unique wedding venues in Toronto. It has a private outdoor terrace that overlooks Toronto’s skyline. Imagine having a gorgeous photo of you and your partner with the city skyline in the background! 




Choosing the best wedding venue for you is such an exciting decision to make for your day! But with the number of them in the area, finding the right one can be a struggle. With these 5 unique wedding venues in Toronto, you can find one that reflects your love story! 

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