My Top Three Tips for Wedding Planning

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As a wedding planner, I see all kinds of scenarios and I want to provide you with my top three tips for wedding planning. My hope is that these little words of advice will make your wedding planning journey a little easier!


Top Tip For Wedding Planning #1

My first tip is to take your time – don’t rush into it. If you have a year or less to plan, you will likely be more stressed out and not enjoy the entire process. I have found if you have a longer period to plan, let’s say one and half to two years, you will get the vendors that you want without feeling rushed and you will financially be prepared for the cost. Some clients that have spent less than a year planning have not been happy with certain aspects of their wedding. Enjoy your engagement period; don’t let anyone rush you into committing to something you aren’t ready for. Do venues and vendors book up quickly? Yes they do, but sometimes having that longer timeframe to your wedding will allow you to enjoy it more without feeling compromised too much.

Top Tip For Wedding Planning#2

The second tip is to delegate to someone you trust – this is especially true on your wedding day. If you aren’t interested in getting a month of coordinator then this is especially important for you to decide on someone in your bridal party or family. A month of coordination is there to help alleviate any stress of the day of your wedding. This means you don’t have to lift a finger and you can act as if you are a guest. This is so important especially if you are a type A personality, you will not, and should not, try to control everything on the day. If you’ve selected a team of vendors that you trust then you are in good hands. In case of emergencies, delegate to a family member who is calm and collected that will be able to help solve any issue effectively.

Top Tip For Wedding Planning #3

Lastly, be present – don’t let little blips ruin your day. As I mentioned in my personal wedding blog, things don’t always go exactly how you plan. You shouldn’t let that ruin your day because in the end it is important to be present with your significant other. You don’t want to spend your night saying how angry you are and not enjoy the fact all your family and friends are there celebrating YOU! This point also connects to the previous point of delegating. When things do go wrong someone else can be there to deal with it so you don’t need to know until after your wedding. Remember to keep everything in perspective – it is about the marriage and not about the small issues that can arise. Enjoy every moment of the day because it goes by so quickly and then you will regret not having fun.

I hope my top three tips for wedding planning will allow you to confidently plan your wedding with the people you trust and on the timeline that works best for you. Don’t let anyone else’s opinions stop you from having the day you have always dreamed of.


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