You’re engaged! Now what?

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You’re Engaged, Now What?

Congratulations! What an exciting time in your life! Once you become engaged, family, friends, co-workers, even strangers are going to be asking you, ‘when’s the wedding.’ That can be quite an overwhelming statement especially if you want a long engagement. But now that you have that beautiful piece of jewelry on your finger, I recommend these steps to take:


Take a break

Take a month or even two months to ENJOY being engaged and not rushing into anything. Don’t feel pressured by anyone to make any decision quickly. If you do want to make them then that is awesome, dive in and enjoy the entire process. But if you’d rather take it slowly then nicely tell those asking you want to be in the moment and take your time making decisions.

Gather your information

Go to bridal shows, both the large and small – you will find if you take a fun approach to these bridal shows, rather than it is busy and what is the point, you can actually enjoy them! There are so many fun contests to enter with the chance of winning some cool stuff for your wedding (even if you don’t have a date yet)! Go to the shows with labels that include your name, phone, email so you can easily enter any contest. Also, instead of going with your parents, siblings or friends, take your fiancé. Make it a fun day out where you both can gloat about being engaged, sharing your story many, many times but most important gather vendor information! One of my favorite bridal shows is Canada’s Bridal Show where we will be setup this year!

How much involvement do you expect?

Hopefully, you spoke with lots of vendors, most specifically venues. Now is a great time to think about the season you’d want your wedding, maybe a particular month or even a specific date! Grab a glass of wine about those details with your fiancé. Talk about likes and dislikes, most importantly, talk about how much involvement you both want. Do you want help from a third party? Do you want your families to be involved? Try to have open and honest conversations about your expectations so you can come up with a plan for how you are going to plan one of the best days of your life.

Sort through your vendor information

Now you have gone to the shows, you have all these flyers, what do you do with all the information you have gathered? Sort it out! Put the flyers into piles based on what attracted you most (maybe you made notes at the show). Once you have done that you can move onto looking at their websites or social media accounts. Did you feel a connection to one in particular? If yes, contact them to find out pricing! Don’t be afraid to be honest and say you are at the beginning stages so you just want information.

Set a date and location

You have set expectations with your future hubby and got information from vendors you really like so now you can move onto the big tasks: venue & wedding date. Make a spreadsheet with comparison information. Stay organized and if you aren’t the organized type, get help!! Don’t be afraid to work with professionals who will make your life and wedding planning process much easier. You will really thank them in the end and the stress will be greatly limited.


Enjoy the process the best you can! If you are stressed, take a break. Don’t let it get you down because this should all be happy moments.

Hopefully, these beginning tips will help the newly engaged couples! If you are looking for a wedding planner and want to speak to someone who LOVES what they do, feel free to contact us. We would love to help make your dream a reality without any stress!

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