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Welcome to the Classy Affairs blog, I'm so excited you are here! I hope you enjoy this space as a place to come back to regularly to see what we're up to, recent weddings & events and even learn a little more about me personally. I'll be sharing events, tips & tricks as well as providing resources you can snag while you're visiting! Contact me here if you have any questions! 

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January 28, 2020

Wedding planning is a lot of work, and that’s why I’m sharing 5 signs it’s time to hire a wedding planner! At first it may seem like a lot of fun but after hours, days and months of going through many vendors for each category, it can get very overwhelming and stressful. There are some sure […]

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January 21, 2020

A wedding from 2019 that leaves such a large place in our memories is Pamela and Lucas’ outdoor tented wedding at The Hartman Gallery in Stouffville. I met Pamela and Lucas through Nicolette and Joe (a 2018 client). They were just as sweet and lovely as Nicolette and Joe so it was no surprise that […]

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January 14, 2020

You’re Engaged, Now What? Congratulations! What an exciting time in your life! Once you become engaged, family, friends, co-workers, even strangers are going to be asking you, ‘when’s the wedding.’ That can be quite an overwhelming statement especially if you want a long engagement. But now that you have that beautiful piece of jewelry on […]

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November 26, 2019

As a wedding planner, I see all kinds of scenarios and I want to provide you with my top three tips for wedding planning. My hope is that these little words of advice will make your wedding planning journey a little easier! Top Tip For Wedding Planning #1 My first tip is to take your […]

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November 19, 2019

So, you’ve been wondering what a wedding planner’s wedding might look like? I’m excited to share with you a look into an actual wedding planner’s wedding in Toronto, Canada. Most girls dream of their special day and what all the little details will be. When I was in high school I made a binder of […]

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November 12, 2019

Today we are looking back on a very unique earth element themed wedding in Toronto for Skye and Alec! I originally met Skye & Alec in December of 2018. We clicked right away and I was added to their team of wedding vendors. Being chosen to help a couple with the most important day of […]

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April 23, 2019

Our picks for the most popular 2019 wedding trends range from less traditional colour palettes to fun décor elements and we can expect to be seeing them at our weddings. Each and every wedding is different and it is wonderful to see how each couple interprets these trends to make their event unique. Number 1: […]

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April 23, 2019

SURPRISE! About 80% of people are absolutely shocked when they get proposed to. It is a special day they will always remember – one of the best days of their lives. That is the fun part of a surprise proposal, seeing the range of emotions leading up to the proposal and utter excitement afterwards. It […]

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April 23, 2019

Over the years we have been to many different venues across Toronto and the GTA. We have decided to highlight our top five favourite venues that will help you with your search – you may even fall in love with one of them! Number 1: Distillery District Have you ever thought about a wedding in […]

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